Do you want to work as a Bicycle courier in the Netherlands?

Gorillas salaris

Come work for Gorillas!

Everything you want to know about working for Gorillas is here! Gorillas is perhaps the most well-known delivery service in the Netherlands. Working for Gorillas is great, because of the nice people working there, the challenging work and the flexibility. However, there are a few snags in working for Gorillas. Often, these jobs are for self-employed people. This brings with it a lot of work. Think of bookkeeping and filling in taxes. In addition, you do not accrue holidays and money as a self-employed person.

Apply at Bikeshift

An organisation in the Netherlands had reservations about this and decided to solve the disadvantages for the employee. Bikeshift takes care of the applications for delivery services, but above all, they hire bicycle couriers. Because of this, they enjoy the advantages of salaried employment. Namely, insured work, no bookkeeping, flexibility in schedules, weekly pay and bonuses. Almost forgot to say, but holidays and money are of course also accrued. In short, if you work for Gorillas via Bikeshift, you have the best of both worlds.

What can I earn at Gorillas as a bicycle courier?

This is highly dependent on the number of hours worked. In addition, the salary also varies from day to day. More can be earned during weekends and holidays. This is why we give an indication of what bike couriers can earn when they are employed by Bikeshift. A good bike courier can earn up to €20 per hour. In addition, a bonus can be earned every week as rider of the week. This means that on top of your salary, you will receive €100 net.